x-pur crystal bottle
In-Office Desensitizer

Ingenious, natural and fast-acting desensitizer


What is X-PUR Crystal?

X-PUR Crystal is a water-based potassium oxalate in-office desensitizer made of natural acids and salts that quickly form insoluble calcium crystals. It provides effective patient relief for general root or exposed dentin sensitivity in only a few seconds. This innovative blend rapidly blocks the fluid flow to help provide relief from sensitivity. It is uniquely different than other desensitizers on the market because it does not have to be refrigerated and for extra patient comfort it can be warmed to body temperature or slightly above. X-PUR Crystal is efficient, cost-effective and safe.

How does it act against tooth sensitivity?

Enamel, dentin and cementum are composed of high concentrations of alkaline calcium hydroxyapatite (HAp). X-PUR Crystal reacts with HAp to rapidly form millions of acid resistant chelate precipitates within the dentinal tubules at depths of 7-12 μm and on the surfaces of the vital dentin substrate, this action creates a long-lasting seal, preventing patient hypersensitivity and blocking bacteria penetration to the vital pulp.


  • Biologically compatible with soft-tissue, works well after periodontal surgery
  • Can be used with any adhesive systems
  • Cost-effective: $0.31 per drop, 1-2 drop(s) per site, 10ml bottle = 320 drops 1
  • Easy application: no drying, isolation or curing necessary
  • Glutaraldehyde and HEMA free: non-irritating and no harm to soft-tissues
  • Long-lasting, quick and easy application (20 sec. saturate + 20 sec. rest)
  • May enhance tissue re-attachment
  • Prevents the migration of bacteria towards the vital pulp
  • Slows the demineralization process and promotes remineralization


  • Crown preparation: before and after
  • Exposed cementum, dentin and root surfaces
  • Heavy calculus along the cervical neck that extends along the root surface
  • Pain from removal of an orthodontic bracket
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Prophylaxis: before and after
  • Re-wetting agent
  • Temporization
  • Thermal sensitivity
  • Under restorations: amalgams, composites, crowns and veneers, inlays and onlays
  • Whitening: before and after


Proprietary blend of natural acids and salts

Clinical uses

  • Periodontitis
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Whitening

Directions for use

X-PUR Crystal’s low pH formulation (which dissolves immediately and does not harm soft-tissues) already removes the smear layer.


  1. Clean and rinse the area of all foreign debris (biofilm or other particles). X-PUR Crystal is more effective when the mouth is first rinsed with warm water and teeth gently brushed without the use of toothpaste.
  2. Place 1 to 2 drop(s) into a clean well of your choice or a dappen dish. More drops may be needed depending on the size and number of teeth to be treated.
  3. Using a sterile large microbrush, microsponge or small cotton pellet, soak the area and gently rub it onto the affected surface(s) for 20 seconds.
  4. Allow X-PUR Crystal to sit and gently air dry for 20 seconds at approximately 5 inches away without any air blast.
  5. If the desired relief is not immediately gained, a second or third application may be made without any tissue damage.


scanning electron microscope image

*Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of the very dense peritubular dentin (calcium hydroxyapatite) and the very small crystals along the inner wall which are insoluble calcium crystals that assist to relieve patient discomfort.

Clinical tips

Any appearance of a frosty-white surface indicates the blockage of the dentin tubules. May be applied to a damp surface and dabbed around crown margins and onto the exposed tooth roots that are sensitive to cold or air stimuli. No light curing is necessary.

Reduces cariogenic bacteria load of highly infected patients

Reasons X-PUR Crystal Glutaraldehyde + HEMA
Desensitizing effect* 97.5 46.6
Application time 30-40 sec 60 sec
Interference with bonding systems (Bonding takes place in the intertubular dentin No
Act only in the peritubular dentin
Phosphoric acid etching formulas may affect resorations
Interference with self-etch systems No Not recommended
Irritation potential No Yes
Rubber dam isolation No Yes
Rinsing required No Yes

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