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x-pur remin box x-pur remin box

25% Xylitol toothpaste


Unique and proven formulation to reduce cariogenic bacteria and lesions

Mechanism of action

X-PUR CariØ, with its scientifically proven 25% xylitol formulation, works during the colonization and adhesion of the caries process to reduce the cariogenic bacteria load. For many years, studies have shown that the tooth decay causing bacteria are not able to metabolize xylitol, which results in an absence of lactic acid and polysaccharide production. This is why X-PUR CariØ is effective to prevent the caries process, reduce non-cavitated and cavitated lesions and remineralize.


• Affordable for your patients
• Complements topical fluorides by reducing cariogenic bacteria load
• Effective against acute otitis media
• Fluoride free
• Gel
• Low abarasivity (RDA level of 60)
• Neutral pH
• Safe for the environment: does not contain plastic particles that could harm the environment
• Scientifically proven formulation
• 100% natural: sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten and GMO free

Scientifically proven to1
(Compared to a fluoride toothpaste)

60% less non-cavitated lesions
80% less cavities
40% more remineralized lesions


Medicinal ingredient
25% Xylitol (corn cobs, non-GMO)

Non-medicinal ingredients
Water, hydrated silica, sorbitol, cellulose gum, sodium lauroylsarcosinate, spearmint flavor, sodium benzoate, calcium glycerophosphate, saccharin, limonene.


  • Spearmint (light, ideal for children and adults)
  • Bubble gum (great kid-friendly taste)



Ideal for

• Adults
• Children and toddlers
• Daycare
• Disadvantaged population
• Dysphagic patients
• Elderly people
• Fluoride-free lovers
• Holistic product lovers
• Disabled patients
• Pregnant women
• Public health
• Vegetarian / Vegan

Directions for use

Adults and children
At least 2 times per day for a minimum of 3 months
1. Brush with a small quantity of toothpaste. Expectorate.

Dr. Jacques Véronneau, D.M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Creator of X-PUR CariØ


Since 1952, fluoride is the most widely used therapeutic agent in toothpaste. For adults and children highly infected by cariogenic bacteria (100,000 Streptococcus mutans / mL of saliva), which represents approximately 66 % of your patients*, fluoride toothpaste will remineralize, but might not offer optimal removal of cariogenic bacteria.

This is why, more than 12 years ago, Dr. Jacques Véronneau, clinician, researcher and one of the only cariologists in Canada, began his journey to identify a therapeutic agent able to reduce the cariogenic bacteria load. He then began many studies, the most important being with 99 Kosovar children, to confirm the efficacy of a 25% xylitol toothpaste (therapeutic concentration) against cariogenic bacteria.

The results were really conclusive and this is why we are now launching the 1st Canadian 25% xylitol toothpaste with a scientifically proven formulation to reduce bacteria load! Below are the results of Dr. Véronneau’s studies.



Featured Publications

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Medical Treatment of Dental Caries With a New 25% Xylitol Formulation

Medicinal ingredient

Xylitol is a 100% natural sweetener derived from vegetable sources. Twenty years of research shows xylitol efficacy treating dry mouth and reducing tooth decay.

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