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Our Mission

Dear Dental Professional,

At Oral Science, our mission is to create optimal and more predictable clinical outcomes by creating synergies between the most efficient and evidence-based in-office treatments and innovative home-care solutions for the treatment of:

High Risk Caries

Oral Lesions



We look forward to partnering and collaborating with you towards excellence.

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Job offers

Sales consultant - Ottawa
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If interested, we invite you to send an email including your CV to Mr Christian Boucher at cb@entregens.com

No job offers for the moment but we are always happy to receive propositions to join our team! Please send them to info@oralscience.com.

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9575-C, Ignace Street
Brossard, Quebec, J4Y 2P3

T 450 442.7070   |   1 888 442.7070
F 450 442 3156

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The Oral Science Club enables dental and medical professionals to receive support from us to help their patients fight high risk caries, oral lesions, periodontitis and xerostomia.

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