VoiceWorks Headset


*For offices using laser for periodontal therapy

Qu'est-ce que VoiceWorks ?

VoiceWorks, from Florida Probe, combines a lightweight wireless headset and voice-activated periodontal charting software.

VoiceWorks allows dental hygienists to verbally transcribe pocket depths, recession, bleeding, mobility, large restorations (i.e. bridges, crowns), and more. This allows dental professionals to solely focus on patient education, while also keeping them actively engaged throughout their treatment.

Simply plug the VoiceWorks USB Key into your computer and create your own personalized voice file with a Florida Probe specialist. The most effective voice-controlled perio charting ever created is now ready to use!

Most dentists want

  • Increased R.O.I: Offices have the ability to recoup the cost of the system in only three months
  • Increased hygiene production
  • Increased treatment acceptance
  • Detailed and accurate charts
  • Graphic charts for insurance claims
  • Cutting-edge technology

Most hygienists want

  • The ability to quickly identify disease at the earliest stage
  • Super-fast charting
  • Charting without waiting for an assistant
  • Greater treatment acceptance
  • Simplified patient periodontal exams

Other benefits

  • Designed to work in noisy operatories
  • Adapts to any language accent
  • Links to all major practice management software
  • Wireless headset with capabilities of 20-feet of distance
  • Ability to complete a full perio chart in under six minutes

Get ready to use VoiceWorks!

Purchase headsets and select a plan

Step #1

We typically recommend one headset per clinicial and functioning operatory

Regular Price:
$1,818 / headset

Launch Promotion ($261 Discount!):
$1,557 / headset

One headset includes:
  1. 1x VoiceWorks wireless headset / FP-VOICEWORKS-HEADSET*
  2. 1x Charging base stand / FP-VOICEWORKS-HEADSET*
  3. 1x Software key for keyboard entry of data to FP32 software / FPVOICEWORKS-DONGLE*
  4. 1x DC power adapter / FP-VOICEWORKS-CABLEKIT*
  5. 1x Micro USB connection cable / FP-VOICEWORKS-CABLEKIT*
* Items also available separately.
Step #2

Once set-up is completed, you will receive a personalized one-hour training to set-up the VoiceWorks system and become familiar with the software.
Step #3

Monthly Cost:
$103 (Billed by Florida Probe)

Once set-up is completed, you will be able to begin using VoiceWorks with all available features.
  • Software license
  • Software upgrades (approx. four per year)
  • Technical support by live chat, phone, and email
  • Trainings
  • Unconditional equipment warranty
  • Unlimited entries of new charts
Step #4


  • VoiceWorks RDH Welcome Letter
  • Gift (to be chosen before)
  • VoiceWorks Core Commands
  • VoiceWorks Quick Troubleshooting
  • VoiceWorks Headset Reference
  • Practice Chart #1
  • Practice Chart #2
  • VoiceWorks Initial Training CE Course Description and Objectives
  • VoiceWorks PPE Handout
  • VoiceWorks Cheat Sheet

Publication vedette


Telling a patient they have a disease that doesn’t hurt and is costly to treat is hard! But since I started using VoiceWorks and my patients see the chart and hear the different ‘warning’ sounds, they start asking what we can do to make their gums healthier before I can even finish their periodontal exam!

- Ashlee Antoszyk, RDH

I love it, especially with the latest update. It works beautifully.

- Sherin RDH, Ottawa

VoiceWorks is literally saving my patients’ lives by allowing me to diagnose and treat their disease in the early stages.

- Tim Donley, DDS, MSD

Tim Donley

If you are a hygienist struggling to find time or lacking support to help record comprehensive charting, this is the technology for you. I highly recommend Voiceworks, try it out for yourself!

- Chrissy Ford, RDH

Tim Donley


Can I share one headset with multiple users?

Yes, if you have one headset in each operatory, it can be shared among all the clinicians who use that operatory.

Can I move my headset between computers?

It is possible to interchange the headset between computers but we recommend that each operator have its own headset for maximum efficiency.

What if I have an accent?

The system was developed to rapidly adapt to a users speaking style, even if a strong accent is detected.

Am I able to cancel the monthly fee?

Please let us know within five business days of your next monthly charge if you wish to cancel. Your office owns the patient data — thus, you can always access patient charts and still have the ability to view, print, or email them. However, keep in mind that no new data will be able to be entered into the software. Charting data can be exported for use in other systems.

Can I try before I buy?

We offer a three-month money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the product, simply return the hardware in good condition for a full refund of the headset and the first three months of associated fees.

Do you offer a warranty?

All hardware is covered by an unconditional warranty. If the headset becomes damaged, please return it for repair or replacement — and we’ll cover the associated shipping fees!

What if there’s someone else in the operatory talking loudly? How does VoiceWorks know to only recognize my voice?

VoiceWorks uses advanced noise-cancelling technology, along with our advanced voice recognition software. This allows the system to precisely know when the user is talking, versus other background sound sources.

How long does the training take?

Individualized web-based training takes approximately one-hour per person. Please expect to input two practice charts before you start charting with real patients.

What is the cost of training?

Web-based training for new users is free of charge. Additional training is also free. Future training (i.e. new hires) is free as well. Did we mention that training is free?

Will the software link/bridge with my existing practice management software?

VoiceWorks was developed to link with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Tracker, and 50 other practice management applications across North America, plus additional applications around the world.