Xylimelts - Xylitol Adhering Pastilles to Stimulate Salivation


  • Stimulates saliva production to relieve dryness of the mouth
  • Helps reduce the incidence of cavities
  • Use while sleeping and daytime
  • ++ A Unique Saliva Stimulating Pastille
    • Approved by Health Canada to help stimulate salivation
    • Use while sleeping and daytime
    • Xylitol in-time release
    • Mild-mint flavor
    • 100% Natural and GMO free
    • Dr. Gordon Christensen report outstanding product
    • International Patent Pending
    • Discreet & convenient
    • Safe during sleep

  • ++ Clinical Uses
      Every patients with dry mouth from:
    • CPAP machine
    • Drugs drying the mouth
    • Head and neck radiation
    • Disease: diabetes, Sjogren syndrom, etc.

    • High Risk Caries

  • ++ Ingredients
      Medicinal Ingredient
    • Xylitol (corn cobs) 500 mg

    • Non-medicinal Ingredients
    • Acacia gum, cellulose gum, hydroxypropylcellulose, natural mint flavour, magnesium stearate, calcium carbonate.

  • ++ Directions for Use
      Place tan adhesive side to the outside of a molar and/or adjoining gums, upper or lower, white side touching cheek.

      Before bedtime:
      Use 2 pastilles while sleeping, one on each side of the mouth or as needed. Lasts 4 to 6 hours.

      During the day:
      Use 1 or 2 pastille(s) as needed (3-7 times a day). Lasts 1 to 3 hours.

      To reduce the incidence of cavities:
      Use at least 6 pastilles per day.

  • ++ Cautions
    • Do not adhere to roof of the mouth to enhance your comfort.
    • A gradual introduction to Xylitol is recommended since it could have a mild laxative effect in the case of excessive consumption.

  • ++ Documentation
  • ++ Articles

      XyliMelts time-release adhering pastilles
      for night-time oral dryness

      by J. Burgess, P. Lee
      International Journal of Dental Hygiene – May 2012, Issue 2, Vol. 10

      Dental Maintenance of the Medically Compromised Patient
      by A. Gonzalez
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